How did your adventure at Aon start and develop?

I started working at Aon in the summer of 2017, soon after I had obtained my BA degree in Applied Economics at Corvinus University of Budapest. Starting with the onboarding week and continuing with the more technical and market specific trainings, the transition from being a student to being a full-time employee went smoothly.
What do you do now at Aon?

Currently I am working as an actuarial analyst on the Dutch, Belgian and UK markets on a junior level and for the upcoming season I will take on more responsibilities on the Dutch market while maintaining my role on the other two markets.
In this new role I will be able to deepen some of the skills I have obtained at Aon during my first year (such as: technical knowledge of the market specific tools and legislation, various pension schemes and calculation methods, the importance of constructive feedback, etc.) and develop a more diverse set of skills which will help me tackle the challenges that are to come (in the near and more distant future).

What do you like the most about working here?

One of the reasons that I like working here is the availability of opportunities for continuous learning, to maintain personal development on various levels of the professional spectrum. Another reason is the supportive and friendly atmosphere present in the office. Working in a team which is diverse, young, progressive and charismatic is something that I value greatly.

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