Wealth Solutions

Retirement benefits have been a hot topic in the financial world ever since longevity risk (i.e. people living longer) has been on the rise. Multinational companies who pay contributions to pension funds on behalf of their employees must manage and align pension assets and liabilities to ensure there are no surprises for either party at the time of retirement. It is particularly important in an ever changing economic environment that companies have more control over the factors that have significant influence on the financial side of their pension programs.

Actuarial team

Aon helps clients mitigate retirement plan risks with timely, accurate and cost effective actuarial services. These include carrying out accounting valuations for clients on a yearly basis in our actuarial team in Budapest. Over the last decade – starting in 2006 – we have grown into a Retirement & Investment knowledge center within Aon with a team of 70 people with backgrounds from the fields of economics, finance, actuarial science and mathematics.

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