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Aon plc is a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, rerement and health soluons with 50,000 colleagues in 120 countries. It is one of the top Actuarial Services Firm in the world. At our office in Budapest, 70 young actuarial analysts work together in an internaonal, supporve environment.


- To have a proper work-life balance, we support our colleagues with home office and flexible work schedule.
- Even if you are fresh graduate, we help you make steps forward on your career path, considering your needs.
- You will meet - You will meet new challenges repeatedly. Not only at your core analycal job, yet you will have the chance to try out new, more creave-minded fields. You will never be bored with the variety of the work.
- You will be a part of an open-minded, welcoming team. You can play in the company football team, parcipate in the team-buildings and aer having lunch together you can also play some table-football in the office.

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Customer manager
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Az Aon, a világ egyik vezető biztosítási alkusz,kockázatkezelési és HR tanácsadó cége. 120 országban 50 000 munkavállaló képvisel minket. A Commercial Risk üzletágunk elsősorban vállalati ügyfeleknek nyújt kockázatkezelési és biztosítási tanácsadást. Health & Benefits csapatunk új tagja vállalati juttatási programok kialakításáért és menedzseléséért felel.

A következő feladatok várnak rád:

- Céges egészség- és egyéb biztosítás alapú juttatási programok kidolgozása, bemutatása és értékesítése
- Kapcsolatépítés ügyfelekkel, biztosító társaságokkal és egészségügyi szolgáltatókkal
- Szerződések kezelése, belső nyilvántartási rendszerek vezetése
- Ügyféltalálkozók megszervezése, lebonyolítása
- Ügyfelek támogatása biztosítás szakmai kérdésekben

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Selection process

Once you clicked on the „Apply” button and uploaded your English CV we will start processing your application.

As the first step, you will receive some tasks online. The questions will be varied, the survey mainly measures basic logical and math skills. There is no need for any specific preparation beforehand.

If you pass the first barrier you will be contacted by our HR manager for a short phone interview – this is an informal chat to find out more about you and your motivation.

In the final round you will be invited to an online interview where you will have a chance to meet two of your future colleagues.

Regardless of the result of the selection process, our HR manager will get back to you to discuss how it went, so you will get feedback from us soon after the interview day.

The whole process lasts from a few days until a month. (Depending on circumstances)

Some tips we can give:

We all remember how it feels to be on the applicant side of the interview. We are quite a relaxed bunch of people, so there is no reason to be nervous. So come relaxed and make the most out of the day!

During the interviews, please take your time to ask as many questions as possible. We are trying to get to know You, but it is also the aim that you learn a lot about us and about the work itself, so that you have an idea what exactly you would need to do when you come to work on your first day.

Send your application today! We are looking forward to getting to know you!